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Hey!! This is Philoanna a.k.a Arundhati Chaudhuri.. This is my blog spot, so i wouldn't really want to describe myself here, because I would like my work to speak for myself. I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and don't forget to drop a comment after you finish reading my works, because I would love to have your criticism, and aim for your appreciation. Also, share your ideas and perspectives with me on the topics I've written on if you'd like to =) Happy Reading! " How fortunate are you and I whose home is timelessness: we who have wandered down fragrant mountains of eternal now; to frolic in such mysteries as birth and death a day ( or maybe even less )" - e.e cummings

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The House of Cards

I just reached the top,
A single card to place cautiously,
I move my fingers delicately,
But the cards flail stormingly!

There's this house of cards
that I've been building,
But a gush of wind keeps
interrupting and has me fizzling. 

It leaves me in despair to 
see my efforts being wasted,
I offer to rescue it readily,
My patience is being tested. 

I bury my head into the
despondency nibbling my creed,
Do I give into stringent Fate?
Should I heed or take the lead? 

I contemplate about the
hinders of this challenging life,
I arise with renewed strength
to triumph this morbid strife. 

Insecurity and forlorn dejection 
are the only barriers life offers,
And if we overcome them,
life will be a miraculous wonder.

Little card triangles I make again,
I'm building my house of cards,
And if the wind comes knocking past,
I'll show it that I'm promisingly hard. 

P.S - My computer crashed a few days back, and since I didn't have a back up I've lost a hundred of my poems and articles. In the greater sense, our life is not under our complete control. We might find ourselves achieving and fulfilling our dreams to a certain extent with our own credits, but natural obstacles and unfortunate events often demolish everything we have accomplished and constructed for ourselves till now. But we can regain everything we have lost if we have the zeal, optimism and strength to believe that nothing can stop us from obtaining what we want.

Korbo... Lorbo...Jeetbo re!! :) 

Sunday, February 15, 2009


P.S: I've written poems to express myself and for quite a few people till now. But this is the first poem someone has written for Me. All my love to my loverboy.. Thank you baby! :). Since this poem touched my heart so genuinely, I decided to put it up ..

"u get me out of trouble wen i have to strive ,
u make me ryd thru life ,
i feel complete with u around ,
for u i dun mind even goin outta bounds .

You entered my life with a jingly sound ,
ur presence makes me go round and round !!!
y is it tht u were the only 1 possible to brighten my aura?
was it jz u or ur mind blowin fauna !

Ur lyk the most jocund thing in my site ,
i`l not leave u ever jz hold on tight !
u`v always been doing sumthing right ,
on a pleasant day ur lyk the most beautiful kite !

U touch me with every word u say ,
its like u cum booming in lyk a suns ray !
forever ur gonna hav to stay ,
until on my death bed i lay !

I cant ever bear seeing u walking outta my life ,
it wud be lyk stabbing me with a knife .
love u upper than the sky ,
will take you to a place
wer even GOD cant fly !!!

love u loads n loads ,
mihie !!! "

Thank you for being so thoughful darling :) .. Noone has ever done such a thing for me, and this has been the best gift I've possibly received till now.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Memoirs

I sit in my silent, dark room as the rain patters outside, the leaves creak with pleasure , and branches swing gaily to the howls of the wind. The world seems to be awfully monstrous and cruel leaving us devastated and wasted. The fire burning within us spreads through our body cells, inflaming the venomous veins and burning us to ashes. We are dead even though we are living.. our spirits are haunted by Failure, our hearts are poisoned by betrayal.

Insecurities due to past trauma, Revenge, Selfish voracity for pleasure are turning us into heartless beasts. Why is our potent strength, courage and determination now used for venting our raging negativity to turn this land into hell through bloody destruction? Have our time-machines turned us to the premature times of evolution when we clawed another's mind and body indifferently for food and shelter? What has changed is just that we have moulted
out of our furry gorilla suits and our food has transformed to contaminated unwanted pleasure and social power, our shelter is ego and excessive desires.

All we find in the name of love is pleasure, exploitation, harmless fun which is often mentally traumatising to some. Commitment and true love is disappearing into thin air. Divorce rates are high, families are found broken in every corner of the street, and unhappiness is escaping from our caged hearts and infecting everyone with it.The characteristic feature of humanity is more of the intense emotions we are gifted with than our intelligence seated within our cranium. Love is the answer to the rise of humanity and the conversion of this hate-filled terrorized world into a better place. Genuine pure love with no social or mental barriers, conditions or expectations.

But what is the reason of love to be enlisted in the low priority list or even the 'no-no' list of today's world? Is it because we are too careeristically selfish and greedy for a high social status and salary, or is it because we don't want strings attached with the satisfying fun we can get possibly get anywhere? Or maybe love has broken our hearts so bad in the past, that it is difficult for some to get their hearts mended and move on for a further attack that can leave them shattered again? Whatever the reason might be, Love has been misinterpreted and misvalued till now.

Love is the only miracle that can revive a person from a dead life, and ironically it is also the bitter potion that can kill someone. But honestly, it is just a medicine that turns poisonous when it reaches its expiry date. Real love leaves no regrets, because every moment spent with the person will be like a lifetime of an enormous bundle of joy to treasure forever. Mr. Pramod Muthalik's derogatory remarks and plans for the Valentine's Day made me realize how a man who hasn't found or even searched for love, tries to intervene others and snatch their happiness from them. A man who has been hurt before wouldn't want the others to be hurt in the same way if he's good at heart, and a man who has not found his treasure wouldn't want the others to win in their quest if he's competitive. Both the reasons could be a possibility of his wrathful actions.

Sometimes, we don't know why we mean so much to a person, and the person doesn't know why he means so much to you. But I guess this the way it is supposed to be.. strange, unknown, mysterious, unreasonable. If we had reasons for everything, we wouldn't have any drama of romance or tragedy. Time doesn't play any role in the game of love, because it can happen at any instant and can remain to be immortal, like a timeless tide gushing with warmth splattering a beauty that cannot be sensed but can only be felt.I bury the senseless thoughts rushing in my head and avert my gaze outside momentarily. The raining has stopped, the tree calm with its branches looping over its old body, leaves gleaming with a new spark of life.

How romance speaks silently in nature. The touch of the cold rounded fingers of rain on the tree's body sets it in a mood of wild dance, and serene happiness fills up her soul with love even when he vanishes. It's just the same as how you enchanted me with your spell of love, and brought over happiness in my life, and bottled my heart tightly with love that can never die or fade even though we ceased to remain in each other's presence. Just the same as how you aroused me from my mournful state and instilled me with a new spirited life full of courage and perseverance.

I gave you my heart and you returned it broken, and stitches or bandages couldn't fix it, because its only Love that can fix a broken heart. I await for the miracle patiently to greet me and cure me. I close my eyes gently as I'm weary and I see you standing before me in that grey T I saw you wearing the last time. You're smiling or maybe it's one of your savage smirk when you turn your head at an angle and give the naughty smile thinking "yea baby, I rock!" These memories make me uncomfortable with a pain that throbs in the deeper layers of my heart.
I open my eyes hesitantly and look at the keyboard, and notice that U and I are always together.. just like we've always been in my mind..

<3>>>>>>&gt ~~~ <3>