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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Acquaintance -- I

Let's get down to talking about myself. I have probably given glimpses of you in my posts, but let me uncover myself completely. I find a dire need of that now, something to write about how I've been feeling .. sick! I turned into a taciturn soul all of a sudden, withdrawing from my generally frequent outbursts of energy and acting silly. I think that's what people mean by saying they are high, and I'm the kind to reach that superfluous level without any intoxicants and just by seeing people happy, something good happening to me and around, or just to kick myself out from the somber moods.

But that doesn't mean that I've not done the bad stuff. I've done my share of it and I've given up on all that rubbish because firstly, I had the Determination and courage to after realizing all it does is give me momentary pleasure by transcending me out of reality, but what hits after I'm back into my old miserly and morose world is too tough to handle. Secondly, I did have quite a few angels who supported and advised me throughout, and I'm very thankful to them for all that they have done. =]

I stayed up past midnight last night, because I had my eyeballs stuck on to the television screen showing Pretty Women. Richard Gere is my favorite actor for now, the sparkle in his eyes when he smiles or shrugs his shoulder blinking his eyes tightly is unbelievably cute. If old men were as handsome as he is, I wouldn't have minded dating a man decades elder to me. A few generous men have the courtesy and decency to treat prostitutes with sincere care, unconditional love and respect and a few treat average admirable and respectable girls and women as prostitutes. You're mistaken if I'm talking about sluttish whores, because I'm not. Life is a hypocrite, isn't it?

Everyone loves music! There can't be absolutely anyone to deny it, as music is a beautiful world with notes, waves and beats all by itself. I divulge into this world nearly all the time now, surprisingly even when I'm sleeping because you might find the earphones still plugged to my ears playing music at quite an amplitude. I've wondered before how I managed to fall asleep during insomniac episodes with this doze of music, and now my wonders have shifted to how I manage to sleep 'sound'ly with music booming within my eardrums. I had the levities ambitions of being a singer in my childhood, and now I feel a bit uneasy when I seriously think of pursuing it as a career.  

But in that case, I have the dreams of being an author too. I wish money wasn't invented and we still lived following the age old barter system or something. Money has changed the face of the world with competition and pervading corruption, and has snatched away the simple joys of petty things. I have incongruous dreams of going back to those aristocratic times where I'll be wearing one of those swishing frocks and writing leisurely on my wooden desk while the sunlight bathed through my windows in the mornings, playing the piano in the evenings as the huge rooms gurgled with the notes slipping from my frivolous fingers. Maybe my parents should have tried restraining my wild imaginations and irrational thoughts, and they would have had the daughter who is focused, ambitious and a careerist!

The two substantial elements around which my life is centered and discordantly dominated are: "guys" and parents. 

1) I believe that it's quite entertaining for people to see me plunging into relationships just after I've kicked myself out from one, but nobody really knows what goes on in my mind throughout the hammering procedures. All I think of while extricating myself from the previous relationship is how not to hurt the other party involved which usually makes the matter more complicated, lengthy, ostentatious and tiresome to proceed with. What I think of while I dive in for another trial is "You're blind if you don’t have sight, But you're a jerk if you close your eyes."

The quenching thirst of finding my soul mate, my love who will love me forever still burns with dissatisfaction while I pervade through deep dark forests of monotony, reckless adventures and unperpetual perplexing happiness. I am also proud to announce that I've finally acquired the skills of denying the dating proposals of friends and people I have to meet in my everyday life with God's mercy and grace. 

2) My parents are transformed aliens! They are obsessed with the color yellow and have never tasted burgers, pizzas or hot dogs till now. They have inevitable spying powers and evading mind reading tactics. They cast a spell of controlling my mind and my actions throughout, but I'm learning how to break the spell and I think its working! My mother is a perfectionist and suffers from an OCD of cleanliness of the house for me at least, and my dad is a workaholic. They hardly travel and step out of their house because they start feeling insecure around the human beings! What a shame it is and you thought aliens will take over your mother planet!? 

Moreover, what makes them even more peculiar is that their voice turns screechy or growly and exceptionally loud when they are upset or raged, their eyes turn luminescent, and due to a high voltage passing through their limbs they become metabolically over-active. They fling their hands, and sometimes get into fist fights with the opponent or simply move around in circles doing the alien ballet, which I might say is a very ugly and beginner's alien dance form. Oh, and they are impeccably sweet to human beings unless they have upset them, because they try to hide their identities and keep away from intrusions as much as possible. Secret worshippers of the devil too!

I would like you to know that I have not however inherited any of the alien genes except for the AL001976 and AL184213 because they could not be transferred to my zygote under the " earth" conditions when my bearers were going through the process AL-sexual reproduction.

Note: - AL001976 gene- the gene of changing personalities and having variable talents 
  AL184213 gene- the gene of playing with the minds of men and turning them on ;-)

P.S- I feel like I'm posting  after ages and you have no idea of how I felt without blogging for more than a month. Lost my mind while writing the last part, hope you do enjoy the humor. And don't even think of checking if my parents are real aliens unless you really want them to be offended and do their alien dance for you or have the privilege to bleed your nose. They can read minds, remember? =P