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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Biochemistry of Love:

When you fall in love with somebody in your workplace, a nightclub or anywhere else, your brain experiences a new set of biochemical reactions. These biochemical reactions are triggered by the release of three different neurotransmitters in your brain: dopamine, noradrenalin and phenyl ethylamine. The simultaneous rush of these chemicals into specific parts of your brain makes you feel what is call "falling in love." Do not get offended or insulted by knowing how your brain functions. I don't think you get offended by knowing how your digestive system works.So prepare yourself for discovering that love comes out of your brain; not your heart.

There is a biochemical explanation for such galavantation of falling in love. A specific chemical in our brains called PEA (phenylethylalamine) is responsible for granting us euphoria when we are newly in love. Unfortunately, the effects of this chemical wear off within 6 months to 3 years. Some optimistic researchers, such as Robert Friar of Ferris State University in Michigan, give PEA a time limit of 3- 5 years. But if you haven’t fostered your new love into a committed relationship by that time, you will more than likely feel the need to scratch that itch of PEA withdrawal by seeking out new sexual conquests. This is very similar to substance addiction.

PEA is a neurotransmitter released in the region of our brains known as the limbic system that speeds up the flow of information between nerve cells. The limbic system controls our basic needs, emotions, and desires such as hunger, thirst, sleep, joy, sadness, and sex. It is the most primal and animalistic part of our psyche. When that part of our brain kicks in, it is usually futile to disregard its directions. There’s no doubt  that there are a whole series of biochemical pathways that are triggered when two people meet and are attracted to each other."

We are all familiar with the rush of falling head over heels in love. It’s intoxicating. And when PEA levels are high, adrenaline is pumping overtime and love is blind. Some people are more sensitive to PEA than others, however, and some people seem to be deficient in the hormone. This leads to bleeding hearts and Cassanovas. When people are too sensitive to PEA or their levels are too high, they can become infatuated at the drop of a hat and suffer psychiatric disorders (certainly not depression, though). And if someone lacks sufficient quantities of PEA they feel a near-constant urge to press on to the next seduction. These types of people also seek out risky hobbies such as sky diving and rock climbing; dopamine excercising activities. 
Try to nurture your next relationship into "true love". A different set of molecules, known as endorphins, is called into action when we experience true love. Endorphins are our bodies natural pain killers, and they produce feelings of calmness, warmth, intimacy, and dependability. Endorphins, which have the most positive effect among any hormone produced in the brain, work to make our bodies healthier, alsoby  enhancing our immune system.Endorphins are even steadier and more addicting than PEA. In fact, the longer two people are in love, the stronger the endorphins become.

According to Mark Goulston, M.D., a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, "Adrenaline-based love is all about ourselves; we like being in love. With endorphins, we like loving." Also, a different kind of reaction comes into account when some of us progress to the next step in our relationship and start developing new feelings, but feelings different from the initial love. This different love is a true love, which can last for a lifetime, thanks to another chemical called oxytocin or "cuddling hormone."This is the chemical that makes strong bonds between life partners or a mother and her baby. 

Knowledge of how love works does not mean love is not worth trying. As Shakespeare once put it, to fall in love and fail is better than not to fall in love at all.

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Giggles and frowns

Everyday is frantically hectic for me somehow. I am away from home for thirteen hours almost daily, being trained for my mission: " Graduating with Flying Colors". I don't have time to write, blog, make music, paint and spend some lone time anymore. Its pathetic and miserable especially when I see my grades aren't that appreciable either. It's quite average frankly.

My real philosphical or sensible post will be put up soon, when I am not busy to be busy anymore. =P

The pictures below are stuff people who are exteremely jobless and purposeless in their lives would search, laugh over and put up in their blogs. ^^

But life seems to be better this way. There are plenty of things troubling me now, but sometimes you should just surrender to the helplessness of life, knowing that you can't fix it all up and see where life takes you. It will be your turn to get surprised and meet with the unexpected. And then when you blend with life's stained joyouness all around and the abstract surreal beauty of it, you will be thankful for letting yourself loose to meet with such pleasantries. 

Anyways, Fuck the crap. Check these cute stuff out ^^


Respect your Sponsors:

What seems to be more painful to look at? The man with his shirt over his head, tummy exposed, kneeling down when he's lost his mind and trying to imitate some other insane personality or how the other supposedly right guy is kneeling down for his sponsors? Quite disturbing actually. These brands , sponsors, production and marketing are taking away all the innocense and correct of undergoing life. We are being played with money, and we are getting paid for it. Money happens to be the core reason of our existence at present.

Friendship is a Gift from God: 

How much ever this makes you laugh, it is eviently true that a large percentage of people who are "just friends" engage in sexual activities without having any emotional connection or committment towards one another. People call it "casual sex", and I call it "sexual release". The urge of sex should be restricted and sex should be limited to lovers only. Otherwise, its just plain Fuckin' Cheap and desperate. 

Fighting For GAY rights:

I think you're going to be glad because I dont have any serious comments about this one. But seriously, having *gay* as a surname? Lmao !! =))

The Art of Advertising:

It's so amazing how blindly we search for pleasure and companionship in our lives that gives rise to the two most important desires in our lifetime, sex as well as love. It's amusing how these biochemical reactions have its effects on us, and leave us completly numb and uncontrolled. But it's just like the hunger we have for any object or food. Sex is the hunger for pleasure, and love is the hunger for security and companionship, greed is the money

-hunger, while basically, Hunger is our means to continue with this life process. 

It amuses myself when I think of how I come up with serious ideologies and questions even when a bunch of plain pictures are in front of my eyes. Guess I cant call them cute anymore. Everything in life has meaning if we are insightful and thoughtful about it.