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Hey!! This is Philoanna a.k.a Arundhati Chaudhuri.. This is my blog spot, so i wouldn't really want to describe myself here, because I would like my work to speak for myself. I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and don't forget to drop a comment after you finish reading my works, because I would love to have your criticism, and aim for your appreciation. Also, share your ideas and perspectives with me on the topics I've written on if you'd like to =) Happy Reading! " How fortunate are you and I whose home is timelessness: we who have wandered down fragrant mountains of eternal now; to frolic in such mysteries as birth and death a day ( or maybe even less )" - e.e cummings

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't let me Love you!

My love for you,

is as strong as the hailstorm,
It can sweep you off your feet,
But it will break the norms.
My love for you,
is like the winter snow,
It's pure white and fine,
But's it's cold and melts, oh!

You're the sunshine,
I'm the darkness lit by you,
You're the caressing wind,
I'm the dying plant dancing with you.
You're the warm sunny rays,
I'm the heated rock embracing you,
You're the music,
I'm the lyrics accompanying you.

But things must come to an end.

What if the darkness
engulfs the sunshine?
And the wind dies
along with the dying plant?
The sun rays turn hard and numb
just like the heartless rock?
What if the music is lost, and all
that is left are just empty hollow words?

And I love you too much
to see your tears and blood,
and I care for you enough,
to keep you off the ground and mud.
So, maybe I'll miss you,
and maybe you will too,
But I'm myself safe from the hurt,
And I'm keeping you safer too!

* Being a BPD patient, I'm so hot and cold in relationships.I am all about being "Loved" but not "Loving" if you get what I am saying. I hate myself for being so complicated. And I know noone can ever love me truly, if they know what I really am!

Words are flowing out
like endless rain into a paper cup
they slither while they pass
they slip away across the universe

pools of sorrow
waves of joy
are drifting through my open mind
possessing and caressing me

nothing's gonna change my world


  1. Really really nice poem. Enjoyed reading it a lot. I admit, its not very polished,and not exactly one of my favourites as poems go, but the emotions and anxieties that seem to have fueled this poem are so alive and raw in those words. That is something that is so tough to do. Conveying your feelings and not just your thoughts.

    I can really relate to the last stanza. Those are doubts that troubled me a lot too... Yes I may get hurt a lot at the end, I most probably will. But I will always cherish the wonderful times I had and look forward to great times still to come. And I'm not going to throw it away on the chance I'm going to get hurt. Its still just a chance right?

    And remember. Words can be musical without music accompanying them. Cheers

  2. Sorry for posting this here... Didnt know if you would notice if I commented on a post that is 2 years old.
    But The Last Kiss was brilliant!!
    That is one poem I really like. You are a very talented writer and that was wonderfully written. Beautiful poem. Keep writing. Looking forward to seeing more of such works. Without the harming yourself part. I agree with Broken Wings, it would be a waste, and not just of talent.

  3. hey, i just read your comment today !! Thank you soo much for making my day :) I still have a lot of issues but I'm working with them, and somedays are better than others! :) Thanks a lot for liking my work and giving such an honest opinion about it :) Much appreciated.

    When i feel intensely, i somehow seem to affect my readers with my words too.. even though they are not big and difficult to understand. My english is always very plain and simple, and I write for people who are simple but complicated inside. Mostly :P

  4. Yeah.. it is simple english.. And you do affect your readers.. But I have to say, that ability is a gift. I find it really hard to do that. It does not come as naturally to me and I have to put an extra effort to do that. I envy you.
    And I agree totally.. its when its simple that a lot more is conveyed. And a lot more is left to the readers to figure out instead of laying everything out on the platter.
    One thing i disagree on though. All people are complicated. :D. Life would have been really boring otherwise.

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  6. good paradoxes...a deep meaning to love...but fails to break the monotonous portrayal of love...well people's view differ and I totally respect that.! Good work...your poem did pluck a few strings in me.. :)

  7. This is bloody awesome.. How long has it been since you're writing?? Let me learn from you. :D