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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Stranger In the Dark

I don't know what I didn't do right,
I don't know when I went wrong,
But today, when I hear those stories,
I feel we should have got along.
All the moments spent in silence,
Uncomfortable, no words exchanged,
Empty conversations to fill spaces,
When did we get so estranged?

Today, as I sit miles away from you,
They tell me all that you used to do-
Taking them out for movies and dinners,
Making stupefying diwali fire-crackers.
Caring for them as much as no other,
Rushing them to hospitals, leaving all the work,
My eyes turn foggy as tears well up,
And here starts- an endless guesswork.

When did we turn to strangers?
Everything was so blissfully perfect!
When the advertisment came on the television,
I screamed along, " My daddy, Strongest!
Days and nights spent in your arms,
My evolution and growth holding your hand,
We grew distant with time, crumbling
and sifting away like the gritty sand.

We walked in the park every Sunday,
as you showed me the birds and the lake.
Those frequent bike rides in the evenings,
The special omlettes for me that you made.
Your helmet and big boots on my lil feet,
The way you cradled me in your strong arms,
The bedtime stories of the Good Giant,
as you hugged me tight to keep me warm.

Today, when I talk to you over the phone,
I search for the right words,
And it never lasts for more than three minutes,
Like a conversation between cowards.
Sometimes, we dont talk at all
and it makes no difference.
Because you're in your world, and I'm in mine,
and it hides each other's absence.

There were times when I craved for your love,
I begged for your attention and trust,
Slowly, farther and farther we grew apart,
Wonderful past memories turning to dust.
I wish I could go back in time,
mend the bends, right the wrongs,
So that when I see you next, I'd see
not a stranger, but someone to whom I belong.

Now, when I hear these stories,
I stare blank at them, speechless,
Fighting these tears in my eyes,
Pangs of agony and distress.
There's a part of you I was missing for years,
As I left your hand and walked away.
Will you hold me and never let go of me
When I come running back to you today?

Or will you stand like a stranger in the dark,

Not knowing what's happening and who I am?

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